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Your Trusted Engine Partner

Complete and tailored global financial solutions for jet engines.

SMBC Aero Engine Lease B.V.

SMBC Aero Engine Lease (SAEL) is a global engine lessor with a comprehensive suite of leasing and financing solutions for commercial jet engines. Over the last decade, SAEL has evolved with a culturally diverse and dynamic team of aviation professionals whose wealth of experience and expertise are at the forefront of SAEL’s customer-centric approach.


Current Customers


Billion in US$ for Engine Assets

As part of this knowledge-driven way of working, SAEL partners with the leading global airlines and industry partners providing bespoke solutions that:

  • Fund spare engine acquisitions
  • Cater to dynamic fleet needs
  • Support engine maintenance and planning to ensure operational readiness and aircraft availability

Core Business Overview

This includes spare engine financing and leasing, engine trading (purchase and sale), as well as asset management, ensuring customers' timely capital and engine availability beginning from the engine acquisition stage through the full life cycle management of the spare engine.

SAEL continues to work with key players in the aviation industry such as engine OEMs, MROs, and engine investors. These collaborations and customer-centric approaches have cemented SAEL’s position in the industry as ‘Your Trusted Engine Partner’.



We offer spare engines for lease for fixed or flexible lease terms, as well as finance spare engines via sale and leaseback and other financing solutions.


We buy and sell spare engines with or without leases attached.

Asset Management

We offer bespoke services to our clients and investors, by leveraging our airline customer relations and industry network supported by our in-house technical, transaction, and contract management expertise.

SMBC Aero Engine Lease attended Airline Economics Annual Conference in Dublin

Airline Economics Annual Conference 2024 (Growth Frontiers Global Dublin), bringing together leaders from the global aviation industry, was held in Dublin from 29th to 31st January 2024, and our members including CEO and teams including Sales & Marketing, Trading, Technical, and Credit attended the conference. During the conference, our CEO, Roger Welaratne, participated in theContinue reading "SMBC Aero Engine Lease attended Airline Economics Annual Conference in Dublin"

SMBC Aero Engine Lease reflects on a decade of success and set sights on future growth in 2024

Roger Welaratne, Managing Director & CEO of SMBC Aero Engine Lease (“SAEL”), shares his insights for the new year. “In 2023, SMBC Aero Engine Lease reached a number of milestones as the company celebrated its 10th anniversary and reached $1bn asset size that was the initial ambition it had set upon.  We are now embarkingContinue reading "SMBC Aero Engine Lease reflects on a decade of success and set sights on future growth in 2024"