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About Us (SMBC Aero Engine Lease B.V.)

SMBC Aero Engine Lease B.V. (“SAEL”) is a global aircraft engine leasing company specialized in medium to long term leasing.  Activities of SAEL also includes a trading of engines as well as providing our customers opportunities of aircraft engine investments.

SAEL is supported by a top-ranking shareholder of Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited (“SMFL”), one of the largest Japanese leasing companies and majority shareholder of a world’s leading aircraft leasing company SMBC Aviation Capital Limited (“SMBCAC”).  With its group companies, SAEL provides customers a wide range of product line-up all over the world.



In early 2013, SAEL was set up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as one of two new joint ventures between Sumitomo Corporation (“Sumitomo”), a leading Japanese trading company, and MTU Aero Engines AG (“MTU”) with its name as Sumisho Aero Engine Lease.  Another joint venture company, MTU Maintenance Lease Services B.V. (“MTU-MLS”) is also located in Amsterdam and is providing customers with short term leasing solutions and associated services.  SAEL and MTU-MLS have been cooperating to offer their respective customers an even wider range of services.

In April 2019, in order to expand the scale of SAEL’s operation, Sumitomo transferred its 65% share into SAEL to SMFL, and also in April 2021, Sumitomo transferred another 25% share into SAEL to SMFL.  Then in October 2021, MTU transferred its 10% share to SMFL and SMFL became sole shareholder.  SMFL is 50% owned by Sumitomo and the remaining 50% is owned by one of the largest Japanese financial institution Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (“SMBC Group”).  With its strong financial background, SMFL committed to further growth of SAEL, and SAEL changed its company name to SMBC Aero Engine Lease B.V. with an intention to raise its profile in the rapidly growing aviation industry in partnership with group companies including SMBCAC.



Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited (SMFL)

SMFL is a leading Japanese leasing company with an extensive history going back to its origination of the leasing business in Japan in 1968.  SMFL is 50/50 owned by Sumitomo and SMBC Group, and provides financial solutions and services appropriate to the diverse needs of clients by taking advantage of its abundant experience and past performance results accumulated over the years. 

SMFL’s aircraft leasing operations expanded further in 2012 through the acquisition of SMBCAC.  The consortium which was formed with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation expanded aircraft leasing operations and now SMBCAC is one of the market leading aircraft leasing company.

* For more information about each party, please visit the following websites.

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MTU Aero Engines AG (MTU):

MTU Maintenance Lease Services B.V. (MTU-MLS):

SMBC Aviation Capital Limited (SMBCAC):



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