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Product Support Officer

Product Support Officer
Report to:
Chief Technical Officer
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Job Details



 Summary of Job Description:

  •  Work on engine valuation for lease transactions.
  •  Update, modify and adjust the engine valuation tables and maintenance use fee grids.
  •  Support Deal Team to negotiate technical aspects with engine purchase, lease, or sale deals.


 Job Functions:

Engine valuation for lease transactions;

1)  Analyze and discuss the condition of engine subject to new lease transaction and estimate the value of it.

2)  Estimate future utilization of engine based on data obtained (or as advised) and calculate expected future condition/value of it.

3)  Estimate future utilization of engine and calculate estimated future maintenance exposure.


Maintain Engine valuation model under supervision of other Product Support Team members;

1)  Collect and disseminate information of engine maintenance (shop visit) cost and cost of LLPs from the market.

2)  Collect and disseminate information of the latest engine catalog list price (CLP) as well as that of QEC.

3)  Update, modify an adjust the engine valuation tables including value of QEC to ensure latest relevant data available is included.

4)  Update, modify an adjust maintenance use fee grids including future escalation assumptions and tables to ensure latest relevant data available is included.

5)  Advise the management and staffs on possible technical, financial and contractual risks and status of engines at the lease commencement, during the lease at lease termination as well as at engine acquisition or sale.


Technical and Pricing Committee;

1)  Assist to organize Technical and Pricing Committee where Product Support and Pricing Teams seek Management approval on updates to the engine valuation model and pricing model.

2)  Share market intelligences related to value of engines at the committee.


Assist and cooperate with relevant teams inside and outside the Company;

1)  Develop and Maintain relationships with OEMs, MROs, appraisal companies, airlines and other key business partners in order to collect information necessary for Product Support works.

2)  Support Planning Team to collect market intelligences for developing the Company’s business strategy.



  •  Minimum of 5 years aviation experience with Engine Leasing experience in a technical role
  •  Aircraft engine specialist with a solid understanding of the engine OEM, MRO and spare engine environment
  •  Strong skills and technical knowledge in High Bypass Jet Engines, preferably a mix of narrow body and widebody types (Regional Jet engine experience is not an advantage)
  •  Solid Negotiation Skills with a focus on execution
  •  Strong communication skills and ability to engage with stakeholders at a senior level.
  •  High ethic
  •  Full Professional English