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SMBC Aero Engine Lease attended Airline Economics Annual Conference in Dublin

Airline Economics Annual Conference 2024 (Growth Frontiers Global Dublin), bringing together leaders from the global aviation industry, was held in Dublin from 29th to 31st January 2024, and our members including CEO and teams including Sales & Marketing, Trading, Technical, and Credit attended the conference.

During the conference, our CEO, Roger Welaratne, participated in the “Engine Investment, Management, and Leasing” panel as a panelist, and SVP Trading, Masafumi Hayashi, took part in the “JOL & JOLCO” panel. They shared their insights and experiences regarding the future of the aviation leasing industry, and participants actively engaged in discussions, fostering meaningful networking opportunities with various clients, and exploring enthusiastic debates on the industry’s new perspectives.

Roger made a comment that “The Growth Frontiers Dublin conference in January was a great opportunity for us to meet many customers and partners over the 3 days. We also heard about the latest challenges and opportunities for our industry. I was very pleased and proud to see that SAEL is now firmly recognized as a major engine lessor and that we have a long runway ahead of us to work with our customers and further grow our company.”