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SMBC Aero Engine Lease celebrates its 10th year anniversary as Your Trusted Engine Partner

A decade ago, we set out on a journey to become a leading engine lessor and here we are 10 years later, having achieved some remarkable success.

2023 is a very special year for SMBC Aero Engine Lease (SAEL). It is a milestone as we celebrate our 10th year anniversary.

This year, we also reached and exceeded $1billion in assets, the ambitious first goal we had set sight on initially.

SAEL can now proudly claim to be a leading engine leasing company and we want to thank all our customers that placed trust on us and thank our shareholders for their support.

We have built a strong team based on Trust. A team that is empowered, always act with integrity, where members feel valued, accepted, and motivated. Together, we are now writing our next chapter. One that will make a lasting impact with a commitment to providing Customer Centric Solutions thru innovation and sustainable practices that will leave the planet a better place.

We are looking at an exciting period of new growth and an era of excellence with SAEL – Your Trusted Engine Partner.

Managing Director & CEO

Roger Welaratne