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Corporate Philosophy

SAEL takes flight with a dynamic team of over 25 professionals hailing from over 10 countries, each contributing key knowledge and experience across various sectors of the aviation industry. From marketing, technical, credit, and beyond, our diverse talent pool encompasses a wide spectrum of expertise. Our management team comprises industry stalwarts who have not only weathered numerous aviation cycles but also witnessed the transformative evolution of jet engines.

We take pride in this organic growth strategy, made possible through our strong foundation– backed by Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company (SMFL), a leading Japanese financial institution known for its extensive financial capabilities and long-term commitment to the engine leasing business. 

Our strategy is driven by our corporate philosophy, which is the guiding force behind every decision and action we take. It embodies our core values, vision, and commitment to stakeholders.

Corporate Motto

“Your Trusted Engine Partner”

Corporate Principles

1. Grow Together with Stakeholders

To be Your Trusted Engine Partner, we are committed to continue to grow as a partner, as a business and as people. Every day, we aspire to earn the trust of our customers, employees, communities, and shareholders, and to contribute to their growth. Our contribution to a better planet continues to grow and we are devoted to acting with integrity on a personal and company level. We follow these commitments which guide, strengthen, and unite us as a team.

2. Customer Centric Solutions

To be Your Trusted Engine Partner, we place our customers at the core of our business throughout the engine lifecycle. We endeavor to deliver unparalleled engine leasing and financing solutions whilst remaining responsive to an evolving market. Building long-term relationships with our customers based on mutual trust and integrity is in our DNA.

3. Trusted and Empowered

To be Your Trusted Engine Partner, we first must have trust throughout the company. We build trust by respecting our employees and nurturing them to grow in collaboration with the growth of the company. We do our best to have empathy and listen to employees’ needs to help/make our employees feel valued, happy, energetic, appreciated, accepted, and motivated.

4. Shared Value

To be Your Trusted Engine Partner, we grow in unity, being flexible and compliant, building TRUST internally and externally to THRUST toward our mission.

Human Rights Policy

We are committed to contributing broadly to the sustainable growth of our customers and society, and we share same Human Rights Policy with other SMFL Group companies. For the details of SMFL Group Human Rights Policy, please visit the website of SMFL.

Message from Team SAEL