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SMBC Aero Engine Lease focuses on medium- and long-term engine leasing and offers various leasing and financing solutions to our customers on the diverse type of engines in the aviation industry including:

– CFM56-5B/-7B
– V2500-A5
– Leap-1A/-1B
– PW1100G-JM
– GE90-115B
– GEnx
– CF34-10E

The major advantage of long-term leases is that operators need not invest in spare engines of their own, so there is no cash outflow and no tied-up capital. Furthermore, the customer has immediate access to a spare engine whenever it needs one, with unlimited availability, as the engine is in its possession for the entire term of the contract. Sale and lease-back solutions offer the added advantage that they require little, if any, capital investment on the part of the customer.

It also provides customers through MTU Maintenance Lease Services with short-term engine leasing and material management solutions.  The new structure of the engine leasing business permits the company to provide customers with wider range of services, which span the entire lifecycle of an aircraft engine.



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