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Asset Management

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that all facets of the asset management process are executed seamlessly, allowing our clients to rest easy knowing their interests are being expertly managed. This involves overseeing lease contract compliance, handling invoicing processes, and proficiently overseeing insurance matters. This attention to detail is instrumental in safeguarding residual values, ensuring our clients’ investments are well-protected and in capable hands. Additionally, we offer meticulous engine and technical records inspections on behalf of investors. Furthermore, SAEL offers a host of asset management services as follows:

Asset Management

We manage the customer relationship and lease contract compliance, including invoicing and insurance management. We can also perform engine and technical records inspection on behalf of the investor to ensure the protection of residual values.

Remarketing and ancillary services

With our extensive reach and network in the aviation industry, we are able to remarket engines for sale, lease extension, and redelivery transition. With an in-house team of experts, we support investors in the negotiation of all such transaction documentation with speed of execution while ensuring all stakeholders remain satisfied.