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As an engine lessor, SMBC Aero Engine Lease finances and leases commercial jet engines that power the popular Airbus and Boeing narrowbody and widebody aircraft as well as the Embraer regional jet Aircraft. These are manufactured by the leading engine OEMs including CFM International (CFMI), General Electric (GE), and Pratt & Whitney (PW).

➢ Financing Solutions

Sale and Leaseback

We enable airlines/MROs to finance their new spare engine acquisitions directly from OEMs using the sale and leaseback model. SAEL offers competitive financing with fast transaction executions, accommodating current and next-generation engine models.

Our lease terms align with the airline’s fleet plans and engine maintenance strategies, typically ranging from 8-12 years with flexible extension options. This financing tool offers the necessary capital and a solution for transferring residual value risk to the asset owner.

We also assist airlines in monetizing their balance sheet through purchase leaseback of their unencumbered or encumbered spare engines with flexible lease terms. This solution mirrors a standard sale and leaseback, offering a timely way to raise capital and increase liquidity during different industry cycles.

Ancillary solutions

PDP (Pre-delivery payment) Solution

We offer spare engine Pre-Delivery Payments Solution to airlines to facilitate effective cash flow management.

Finance Lease

We can tailor creative finance lease structures to suit airline engine ownership and balance sheet strategies.

Other Financing solutions

We provide creative solutions to meet customers financing and accounting requirements.

➢ Leasing Solutions

Long-Term Operating Lease

To ensure spare engine availability to support large fleets, fleet growth, fleet transitions, and long engine maintenance cycles, we offer long-term operating lease solutions.


Medium-Term Operating Lease

To cater to fleet transitions and engine stagger plans, we offer medium-term leasing.


Short-Term Operating Lease

With the right engine profile, we can support short-term leasing to support unscheduled engine removals, shop visits, and redelivery transitions.

Flexible Lease Solutions

We can customize cost-effective, lease solutions to align with fleet utilization and engine maintenance requirements.