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Our comprehensive approach to engine trading is designed to meet the various needs of the aviation industry. Whether it is acquiring engines with attached leases, facilitating sales with existing leases, purchasing directly from OEMs, airlines, or engine traders, or selling from our portfolio, we offer a range of strategic solutions. These options enable portfolio management, diversify investor and customer bases, and ensure the intrinsic residual value is leveraged for our valued airline partners and industry associates. We offer a variety of trading options to various customers replying to their needs.

Aircraft & Engine Lessor

  • Buy and/or Sell portfolios of engines on lease
  • Buy new OEM spares or serviceable new technology engines
  • Partner on new generation aircraft part-out

Investors or Financial Institutions

  • Lease management services for on-lease engines
  • Engine portfolio sale with servicing
  • Portfolio purchase
  • Sidecar and Co-invest

MROs or Parts Traders

  • Sale of sub-lease
  • Part-out engine sales