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Michael Tan

SVP Credit Risk

As a manager of the credit risk team, Michael is responsible for credit risk evaluation of lessees, supporting the execution of lease transactions, and overall management of the credit risk department.

Michael has over 20+ years of aviation credit risk and commercial banking experiences.  Prior to joining SAEL, he was a senior credit officer for a commercial bank based in the Seattle region.   In 2004, he joined Boeing Capital as a senior credit officer and subsequently was promoted to Boeing Commercial Airplanes with progressive roles as airline finance director and portfolio and strategy director.   In 2013 Michael joined AWAS (Dublin) as manager of the credit risk team managing five credit analysts.   His responsibilities included portfolio management that was valued at USD9 billion with over 300 aircraft leased to over 100 airlines around the world.  He also supported the restructuring and sale of aircraft portfolio to enhance shareholders’ value.   In 2016, Michael was recruited by Standard Chartered Bank to help establish and manage SCB Aviation leasing platform valued at more than $6 billion.  His responsibilities included the review and approval with delegated authority for all aviation transactions including JOLCO, finance lease, operating leases and joint ventures as well as disposal of aviation assets. 

Michael earned a bachelor’s degrees in Economics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Business Administration from the University of Washington.  He is also a PCBS graduate from the School of Bank Management at the University of Washington.